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On this website, you will find blogs written by me or a guest, and my book designed with the heart of a gift-giver.  Our wrapping and ribbons are carefully selected words and images offered with a smile to warm your heart and make you smile too.

We also offer editing services to strengthen the beauty of your writing so you can offer your gift of words, with confidence, to your readers.

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Some Background Information

An increasing number of people are realizing, after retirement, there’s still lots of road to cover. Some take their adventurous spirit to other countries. A colleague relocated to Africa. Another founded a business. A third ran for office and won. On social media, I read about a woman who enrolled in a doctoral program. 

One seminary calls this new ground an encore performance. Some refer to it as pivoting toward a new direction. I have heard terms like second act, new direction, and even next calling. The latest has been the second half. Although I’m making a shift, my ultimate purpose and direction have not changed, but my second half will look different. (Excerpted from my next book).

This website is a product of my after-retirement pivot. It contains some of my writing and a description of how I can help yours.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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